Last day

During my time here in my Expository class with Dr. Mintler, I had some great times experiencing and learning a lot about “Citizenships”. as we learned about the racial inequality and freedom less believes against those that aren’t white, my mind expanded and made me see things in a different perceptive point of view. I will not forget everything this class has taught me and I will surely miss everyone here. Everyone here has taught me something new about citizens. From immigrations, to being spied on by camera and satellites. From how the white male ego perceives to feel superior to those that aren’t the same as them, to those that are treated like slaves and go through hardships to be able to stay in this god given paradise to those that have lived in poverty and chaotic nations. I hope to be able to expand my knowledge more through out my progress here in college, and I have to thank everyone in there. I especially have to thank Dr. Mintler because she helped me out through the times when I needed it the most. I one day we could all treat ourselves with the same equality that Dr. Mintler has shown and shared with everyone in this class, because without people like her We would still be living in a colony where tyranny and monarchy or dictatorship was aloud. People like her create a democratic point of view that we all may one day hope to see in this world. I will surely miss this class and I hope to express my freedom and share my equality with everyone I meet.


Since the beginning of the United States of America, The US has been a nation where migrators could go and create a home for themselves. But in the 2000’s it changed to where you had to be in serious danger to be accepted for asylum. Many different ethnicities applied for asylum because they wanted to escape their birth place because of the poverty or threats. They believed that America could provide that American Dream that everyone has chanted out and spread the word around the world. But with the crisis going around the US, president trump has created a policy that had stopped many people from being able to apply or stopped their pending process. These immigrants try to escape the world of chaos their place has created and be able to give themselves and their families a better future, something the United States tries to shout and brag about. In reality America has stopped trying to help immigrants and just be full of natural born citizens that are dominated by a white male figure. As the White male figure creates more racism and discrimination against those that want a better future, they deport those that are in their country illegally sending them to their death. I always believed that we should help those people seeking asylum because they want to escape the poverty and misfortune they have, because without the diversity between all the genders in the US, America wouldn’t be America without them because the United States was made by immigrants, and different cultures.

creating your own equality

When I was three, my mother had decided to take me to Mexico so I could meet my family, but also because she missed her siblings and parents. As I spent my time down there, I noticed how everyone down there will spend their time criticizing and just being straight up rude to each other. My mother had always taught me to be nice and well mannered (now at the age of five). so I found it curious and wondered why they were always so disrespectful to each other. As I asked them, they spread their thoughts and opinions speaking about how that’s what friends said to one another. As I heard, thinking about it now a days, they shared this form of equality and freedom with each other. The always treated each other rudely, but laughed it out, knowing that they were just joking around. They had the freedom to speak to each other and say these hurtful, rude comments to each other because they new that they didn’t really mean it. To them, even if they didn’t know it, had their own form of freedom and equality. As I saw them I hoped that one day I could find friends and people that I can share my own equality and freedom with. Now that I am 19 years old, I have found out that it doesn’t matter who you share it with, if you want equality and freedom, you have to create it yourself, with your friends or with random strangers.

mammy doll

A black doll named the mammy has been stereotyped to portray black women as some form of obedient maid to white families. Just like the black face, racist objects like the doll mammy jars are perpetuated in deep-rooted stereotypes about African Americans by portraying and as docile, obedient and dumb. Some white family members view these objects in a different ways such as a keepsakes, passed down through their parents generations as relics of the past. While everyone else feels and knows how discriminatory and hateful it is to pass down a relic that is pure evidence of how neglectful and hateful it is to pass down something, especially when it comes from the era of the Jim Crow law, that has come from a slave or African American, and try to show their part of history just because they have a higher equality and freedom. I believe that the way African Americans were treated, from being slaves to being outlawed to having about the same rights and equalities, was unjust and should be getting better benefits to help them succeed in America. I believe that if any one is supposed to get equality it’s them. With the death rates of just African american, the whole issue is to give them equality which will benefit everyone because death rates would goo down and many people would finally began to get equality between all genders and not just themselves or the white american that have tried, and succeeded, to get power and manipulate it for their own personal gain.

My Mother

Before my mother met my father she was living in Mexico. During her time there, she wanted to come to America to achieve the American Dream and help her family. She told me about her hardships coming here to America and how she had to walk miles and miles of sand and cactuses in extreme heat to reach America. During her time here, she was given a household to stay because people wouldn’t give her a job just because was illegal and couldn’t speak English. the jobs she was hired were paying her such minimal payments because she was illegal. Even though she gave it her all in every job she worked here in the United States, they discriminated her and still payed her less than people who weren’t skilled in what she did, even if it was cleaning tables, to being servers, to cleaning rooms in a hotel. At one point when she was offered a job, and she decided to go and work for them, Immigration came to play and separated me from my mother. I cant and will never understand why and how could they be able to separate children from their family. I was left to be babysat by two cousins and my aunt. My mother, having been deported before, had to leave me behind and I was left with my aunt and not child support services. It is incredible to see how many people will stare at someone just because of their skin tone anywhere your’e at.


on an every day to day life, Ive seen how many immigrants and ethnicities that aren’t Caucasian seen. African Americans are being discriminated, Latin heritage people are seen as criminals, drug dealers, and rapist. Everyday we are discriminated, even if no one else notices it. Ive noticed that no matter where you go, if its just to a grocery store with a security guard, to high end stores. Everywhere anyone that’s not caucasian, get eyed out at. Walking around the grocery store, securities tend to look at you suspiciously just because someone is hispanic, African American, because they believe that they are criminals. I find it difficult to believe that people believe that it is Okay to discriminate someone just because they are different ethnicities and go with what people stereotype about them. There are times when I wonder how a nation can claim to de diversely different and acceptance but are so socially introvert and discriminatory against other races. This creates a path of racism and hate against others. The racism has put many lives down and risen the death rate in America. the only reason I say that incarceration rates are up is because African American and Hispanic lives are taken away from them when there is a situation with an officer, or gang groups. With the racism being spread around in the United States of America, many immigrants that come here illegally, and even those that come here with all their papers situated, have trouble getting equality and freedom to create their own American Dream.

DACA Shutdown

While the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals organization (DACA) was active, they helped many immigrant children be able to get the freedom and equality they deserved to create a better future for themselves and their family. Due to President Trump, DACA was closed down, meaning that over 700,000 immigrant children came to the conclusion that they could be deported. As the program closed, so many things passed through immigrants life. As their freedom and equality were taken away, they lost their ability to be able to drive around with a license, go to school to pursue a better future, and get a better job. With it shut down, they struggle to get that better future that they strived to accomplish here in America. Saying this has made me realize that America has taken away the rights of immigrant and created a mental block making them feeling like slaves. They take away the equality. Could you imagine having the privilege to live here in America with all of its “equality and freedom” and then losing it all. In one minute you have the ability to go to college, and then it’s taken away from you. I find it messed up because all everyone wants is to have the American Dream. Immigrant children come to create a better future, and with the whole DACA shutting down, trump has created a panic to those that are already here. With the shutdown, president Trump has also taken away the culture that makes America, America .

Dakota pipeline

In a Native American reservation given by the government people from an oil company tried to go through the land of the natives. Before that whole strike and battle between the native Americans and the whites, Native Americans tried to stop oil companies from planting some pipelines through their land. Even though it was the native Americans land, the government and oil company tried and used brutal forces to push through and get what they want. just how they did from the beginning of this nation called the United States of America, they have used brutal force to get whatever they want. from freedom to land. As they pushed the native Americans from their land a long time ago, it shows that they will stop at nothing to get what they want. This proves another fact that they don’t see eye to eye on what it truly means to give any other person that aren’t like them equality. Even though they gave away the land to create a reservation to the native Americans, they believed that they still have the right to do whatever they want with the land, like digging a pipeline tunnel through the native Americans reservation. As they took away the equality, they also used brutal force, which in reality is another way of taking away their freedom. They tried to water the native Americans down until the native Americans gave them the opportunity to get a tunnel to go through their land underground. this went on for weeks.

Black Face

On the news, there was an incident where a female shared a video of herself in a blackface and saying a racial slur at the University of Oklahoma. At Ou, this girl decided to produce a video of her saying a racial slur while painting her face black, believing it was okay. On her actions, she was totally wrong because what she did showed that she doesn’t care about equality.Even though the racial and hateful things that had happen to African Americans, she believed that it was okay to do and make fun of the people and what they went through just because we’re not in that point in time. I found it truly unsettling because we live in an era where we might all be able to share equality and have the same freedom, but White Americans still discriminate just because we’re not the same skin tone as them. Having put that black face video up, shows how some Americans thinks it’s a joke having African Americans living with us being equal and with their freedom. They think that it is okay to make a joke about what white Americans did to African Americans. Just because it was in the past, they forget that African Americans, even today are affected by the how they were treated back in the past. As they hold the hatred of how they were wronged, they can’t do anything about it because if one does something, it doesn’t just reflect it on themselves, but all African Americans, unlike how it would be with white Americans.

Our nations past

As we went through this class, and we learned more about our past. were learned what it meant what citizen meant. we also learned how we created America. America derived and progressed through the different cultures and races that came to America. But though out time one specific gender and race began taking charge and began discriminating those that weren’t similar to them. They began to take away equality and freedom away from everyone. Many races were impacted by the decisions one specific race created and still impact them today. in our past, females were taken away their equality. Women, believe it or not, actually couldn’t own land or have a job. They were treated like servants. Any property that was passed down by a family member, it would all go straight to their husbands if they were married. On the other hand, for African Americans, they were taken away their rights to freedom and equality. Even after they battled and got their freedom, they weren’t equals. to still keep them inferior, white Americans separated everything between two so that they didn’t have to touch or be around anything African Americans were around. Even in todays time, Americans always are discriminatory against any type of immigrant. We have this sense that we call “white privilege” that gives a better advantage to those that are white, and discriminate those of color. Seen In many cases or arrests when you see or read the news as they talk about a single race being discriminated by white male officers, or white people.